Camp Ellis, Maine

3 Bedroom Cottage on quiet street near beach


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Camp Ellis Maine in Early Days


Above is where the current pier in the village of Camp Ellis resides. This was the station where the "Dummy" Train stopped and let people off from Old Orchard Beach at Camp Ellis. Many people would then take a ferry and go over to Biddeford pool for the day.

Some form of the station remained until the early 1960s.


The Gordon House at the turn of the century. Later became the SeaHawk and is still known by that name today, although no longer a hotel.

In the foreground are the train tracks of the "Dummy" the train that went from Old Orchard Beach to Camp Ellis and back, bringing visitors to the Beach and so they could take a ferry across Saco River to Biddeford Pool for an afternoon lunch


A very early ferry boat that would take people back and forth from Camp Ellis to Biddeford


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